RF-Microwave Laboratory


Our laboratory is equipped to perform testing of active and passive RF/microwave devices and antennas. We have equipment that covers from DC to 50 GHz. Most equipment can be computer controlled via USB, GPIB or RS-232 to facilitate data acquisition and automated test and measurement.


Clients engaged in long term contracts receive first priority lab access, but access for short term and hourly projects can often be accommodated. Call in advance to verify availability. We do not rent equipment, but we do occasionally sell excess equipment as we upgrade the laboratory.

RF-Microwave Vector Network Analyzer

RF-Microwave Spectrum Analyzers

RF-Microwave Sources, Sweepers & Signal Generators

RF-Microwave Meters & Counters

Miscellaneous RF-Microwave Devices


Radio Frequency Test Chambers

Antennas and field probes

Low Frequency Test Equipment

Soldering and Inspection


Last updated: Oct 19, 2020