Company Overview

John Ross & Associates, LLC, a Utah Limited Liability Company, was founded in 1997 to provide professional engineering services in the area of applied electromagnetics, antennas, microwaves, sensors, EMC, SAR, radar and RF analog circuits. In addition to engineering research, analysis, design and testing the company also develops custom software for scientific and engineering analysis, instrument control, and graphical user interfaces. The company has state of the art commerical solvers as well as unique and proprietary software optimization tools that have been used successfully in the design and analysis of antennas and analog circuits. The company also has a well equipped RF/microwave laboratory that is used to test and validate designs from DC to 20 GHz and beyond. By working closely with leading university researchers and small to medium sized partners the company is in a unique position to facilitate development of new technologies and solutions.


John Ross & Associates has provided quality cost effective engineering services to a diverse array of small and medium sized businesses, Fortune 100 companies, and government/military agencies since 1997. Our customers are leaders in the automotive, broadcasting, consumer electronics, medical device, and military / aerospace sectors. Our efforts have directly resulted in, or influenced the development of, numerous products sold and used around the globe.


Computational Electromagnetics

Antennas, Sensors, EMC and SAR


Genetic Algorithms

Software Development

Microwave and Electronic Testing

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Last updated March 10, 2020