Soldier Worn Broadband UHF Whip Antenna


John Ross & Associates in association with Titan - Aerospace Electronics Division (now part of L3) successfully designed, fabricated, and tested an efficient loaded monopole antenna. The unique design of the radiator and loading elements was performed using our proprietary GA-NEC program. The LMA is an omni-directinal radio-mounted antenna for dismounted warfighter applicatinos. Developed under the CECOM Soldier Worn Antenna Technology (SWAT) program, this antenna operates efficiently over the Band-2 frequency range for the DARPA Small Unit Operations - Situational Awareness System (SUO-SAS). This monopole features efficient, wideband operation from 400 MHz to 1000 MHz in an 11 inch tall package that can be mounted directly to the dismounted warfighters body-borne gear. This small lightweight antenna also includes flexible packaging to enhance solder mobility in sever conditions such as rough terrain and dense foilage.


*Nominal gain on horizon at 700 MHz when antenna is installed on the radio.


Measured data from one of the prototypes is shown below.

Measured VSWR of VHF/UHF Whip Antenna.

Measured efficiency of VHF/UHF Whip Antenna.


Last updated March 10, 2020.