John Ross has developed a unique software program that can automate design searches involving mixed mode EM, scattering and circuit simulations. GA-Suite couples a genetic algorithm (GA) to multiple analysis modules such as the Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC), Ohio State Basic Scattering Code, EMSS FEKO and Berkley Spice. This combination of an advanced search method and multiple analysis codes means that its now possible to automate the design process for coupled problems that require mixed mode simulations. GA-SUITE is still in the research phase but has shown great promise in our internal testing. The submodules known as GA-NEC, GA-FEKO, GA-SPICE, etc. are more mature and have been used extensively and successfully by us and by various universities working in design optimization and self-adaptive reconfigurable antennas.


GA-Suite and the submodules currently run under Windows NT/2000/XP. Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not supported. Each submodule consists of several major components as described briefly below:

Template Editors

Fitness Editors


Screen Shots

GA-Control showing chromosomes, template editor, parameter editor and fitness specifier.


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Licensing and Pricing

Now that Windows XP and the Visual Stuido 6 are both EOL, we are no longer able to license and support this code. We continue to use it internally and on consulting projects however. Please contact Dr. Ross for additional details on how we can help solve your problems using this extraordinary tool.


Last updated March 10, 2020.